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Rebecca Cardozo-Pfeiffer, JD, MPH


As your mediator, it is my role to help you and your fellow disputants to develop creative resolutions to your conflicts, so you can move forward with more hope, less stress.  


Whether you are looking to resolve childcare and financial disputes in a marriage or divorce, or having a civil, community, or health care related conflict, I can help all parties find solutions that work for everyone.  As your neutral, I do not ask how to win or lose a pie, I ask “how can you share a bigger pie?”  


Courts, lawyers, and litigation are stressful, time consuming, uncontrollable and hard to move past.  Mediation gives all parties control of the process and the outcome at a fraction of the financial and emotional cost of court.


I am a happily divorced parent of two humans and three canines, and have over 25 years combined of training and real world experience in dispute resolution, conflict management and creating hope and empowerment.  


I hold degrees in law and public health from the George Washington University in Washington, DC, and certificates in conflict management and mediation from the American Bar Association, the American Health Law Association, as well as the Institute of Conflict Management at Lipscomb University, in Nashville, TN.  I have run several small businesses, homeschooled a family and managed conflict-of-laws between the federal and 50 state governments, and am currently continuing my education by studying for state financial advisor and insurance licensing exams.  I am a member of the Tennessee Association of professional Mediators and the American Bar Association and I volunteer with several local and national non-profits.  


I look forward to helping you move forward.

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